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The Male

The Male Dragon is a huge male dragon. He is the largest and the most intelligent and powerful of the dragons and the only male of them all. He is the main antagonist of the film Reign of Fire. He is most notable for killing Quinn's mother, destroying Van Zan's army, destroying the castle and killing Van Zan himself. At the end, he is killed by Quinn using an explosive arrow, which Quinn fires into his mouth and it explodes from the inside, killing the Male Dragon and presumably bringing an end to his species. 

He looks different from the females in that he has a shorter snout, longer head horns, smaller cheek horns and larger lower jaw horns. He is also the dominate predator of the dragons, able to eat female dragons in a few bites due to his large size. This dragon, and presumably other male dragons, was shown to be as large as Quinn's castle.

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